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Trek & Treats invites you to experience Canada's West Coast on the Salish Shores Discovery Trail, a multi-day inn-to-inn hiking route across the southern tip of Vancouver Island, near Victoria, British Columbia.

Explore this intensely scenic region during a 3-9 day self-guided walking or multi-sports tour. Enjoy local eateries and stay in rural B&Bs. Travel at your own pace, with your own company.

Salish Shores Discovery Trail

Hike Vancouver Island Shore-to-Shore

Option 1: Walk - Eat - Sleep - Repeat

Embark on a walking journey taking you from the Saanich Peninsula's protected inlets to the West Coast's magnificent sea and mountain vistas.
Leave it all behind as you wander among old-growth firs and gnarly oaks, through farmland, rural villages, along lakes and sandy beaches.

And of course, fresh local cuisine and warm hospitality and are part of each day!  Read more ...

Option 2: Hike – Bike – Paddle

Trekking is the operative word - but who said it had to be only on foot?  Your itinerary can include hiking, cycling, kayaking or canoeing.

Sign up on your own or as a group of 2 - 6 participants who share a passion for the outdoors, good food, good company and some creature comforts at the end of each day.

This is for you if...

...you want to get to know the places you visit, up close and personal. 

...you like to get off the beaten track and make your own discoveries.

...you can walk at least12 km or 8 miles in hilly terrain and still want to see what's around the next corner.

...you’re curious about the farm bistros and local pubs. You like to eat where the locals eat. But a hike wouldn't be a hike without some picnics on the trail.

...you don’t want a packaged vacation. You create your own experience.


What Trek & Treats Provides for You

Trek & Treats offers independent inn-to-inn walking tours with multi-sport options.

Our trips let you travel in your own company, at your own pace. There is no tour bus and tour group.

We provide detailed maps and route information and discuss the route options with you. We arrange your accommodations, transport your luggage to your next stop, help you get to the trail head each day and generally make sure you have what you need for an enjoyable trek. 

A scrumptious breakfast each morning is included, and we let you know where to find the best local eateries along your route. You choose where and when you eat, what sites to visit along the way, which trail options to follow. In short, it's your trip.  Enjoy! 

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